Well Inspection

photo of Well InspectorAnnual Inspection

Routine inspection of a water well system can help ensure it is operating properly, prolong its useful life, and protect your investment. Most importantly, inspections can protect your health by discovering issues that could result in water quality problems presenting a health risk.

Wells should be evaluated annually by a licensed or certified water well systems professional. In between annual inspections, well owners should look for signs that a professional should be called sooner.

Real Estate Inspection

When you are selling or buying a property with a private well, you may be interested to know the condition of the well, the quality of the drinking water and whether there are any unused wells on the property. If so, you can choose to have the well and pressure system inspected, have the water tested for common contaminants, and have the property searched for unused wells.

We provide real estate inspections of water systems. We also have the ability to bring your water system up to code “on the spot.” We are happy to explain how the water system works, and provide options or recommendations regarding improving the performance of your well.